The Paranormal is Normal!: The Science Validation to Reincarnation, the Paranormal and Your Immortality

Author(s): Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill

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If ever you wished to know the hard facts about just about everything concerned with the paranormal and the possibility of an afterlife, then this is the book for you. Written by a professional engineer dedicated to science - he chose his standard test for validity by accepting solely "solid" science i.e. documented replicated science experiments as the base for his investigations into Reincarnation, the Paranormal and the possibility of an afterlife and immortality for all. The book was written as a sequel to the personal journey of inquiry by the author which commenced some 15 years ago, but which was abandoned until relatively recent research provided the science breakthroughs that has now allowed its completion. The book is unique and a milestone in its genre, in that it gives welcome scientific support to the public majority who believe in a creator, an afterlife, psychics, mediums and the paranormal. All of these are covered in considerable detail in this book with a constant focus on science validation. This treatment also embraces other big questions in life particularly whether mind, our soul and senses can likely survive death; evolution - scientifically fact or fiction; whether life could exist before the Big Bang; and even whether a timeless afterlife existence is scientifically plausible? And many more. Although a science book, it has been written with considerable attention to clarity, so that it is readable and understandable to all.


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Alastair (Bruce) Scott-Hill, a Professional Engineer (now retired), graduated as a BE (Elect), Cant. and spent his career in communication technology, particularly in telecommunications and information technology. The main portion of his career was with Telecom New Zealand spanning some 35 years designing national telephone exchanges, and telecommunication networks. He also designed the first Telecom online nationwide supply computer system. Subsequently he then took up a position with Standards New Zealand, where he was responsible for all New Zealand Standards in Telecommunications, Information Technology and Acoustics. He has had a lifetime interest in science.

Contents A Few Reviews vii Contents xi About the Author xv Author's Introductory Note xvii Foreword xix Preamble xxiii 0.1 Science xxv 0.2 Inspiration xxviii 0.3 Revelation xxviii Section 1 1 Chapter 1 The Case for a Creator/God 3 1.1 The Theory of Cause and Effect 3 1.2 The Theory of Design, Evolution 7 1.3 The Origin of Life 13 1.4 Logical Consistency and Unity both in Nature and the Universe 17 1.5 Beauty in Nature 19 1.6 The Laws of Physics (i.e. the Universe, or Nature) 20 1.7 "The Big Bang" and Fine Tuning of the Universe 21 1.8 Complexity/ Progression of Life 27 1.9 Closing Chapter Comment 30 Chapter 2 Non-Physical Reality, Independence of the Mind from the Brain, Consciousness and Immortality 33 2.1 Non-Physical Reality 35 2.2 Whether the Mind resides in the Brain 38 2.3 Consciousness 43 2.4 Closing Chapter Comments 51 Chapter 3 The Quantum Communication System (PCAR) Linking All Life, and Quantum Fields 55 3.1 Quantum Fields 56 3.2 The Zero Point Field 60 3.3 The Brain as a Filter 63 3.4 The Collective Subconscious, and Group Consciousness 64 3.5 Group Consciousness - Experiments Aimed at Detecting PK Phenomena and Group Consciousness 69 3.6 The Subconscious - the Path to Universal Knowledge, and Resonance 72 3.7 Self Resonating Quantum Fields 74 3.8 Schempp's PCAR Universal Bio - Quantum Holographic Brain Processing and Communication System 77 3.9 Further Experimental Evidence for Mind to Mind Communication between Different Lifeforms 79 3.10 Non - Physical Reality - Senses 81 3.11 The Ability for the Senses to Survive Death 82 3.12 Reincarnational Aspects 84 3.13 Closing Chapter Comments 86 Chapter 4 The Commonality of Science Amongst all Paranormal Phenomena. Plus Time and Space 89 4.1 Introduction 89 4.2 The Commonality of Science Amongst all Paranormal Phenomena 90 4.3 Time and Space 104 4.4 Discovery and Relevance of the PCAR System 111 4.5 Closing Chapter Comments 113 Annex Further considerations of Time and Space 115 Section 2 125 Chapter 5 Reasons for Reincarnation 127 5.1 Possible Reasons for Re-incarnation 127 5.2 Views of Mystics 130 5.3 Religious Re-incarnational Views 138 5.4 Difficulties in Belief of Reincarnation 140 5.5 Reasons for a creator/God's Creation, Particularly Reincarnation 142 5.6 Closing Chapter Comments 146 Annex 1 "Seth's" Introduction to Jane Roberts 149 Annex 2 A Selection of Seth Quotes 153 Section 3 157 Chapter 6 ESP, "Remote viewing" and Non Ordinary States of Consciousness 159 6.1 Telepathy 159 6.2 Clairvoyance 163 6.3 OOB states (out-of-body or OBE, out-of-body experiences) 169 6.4 NDE's (Near Death Experiences) 180 6.5 Closing Chapter Comments 186 Chapter 7 Past Life Recall - Spontaneous and via Hypnosis 189 7.1 Spontaneous Past Life Recall of Children 189 7.2 Hypnosis and Past Life Regression 200 7.3 Closing Chapter Comments 221 Chapter 8 Psychics and Mediums 225 8.1 Psychics and Mediums 225 8.2 Closing Chapter Comments 248 Chapter 9 Life-between-Lives and Concluding Book Comments 251 9.1 Life-Between-Life 251 9.2 Closing Chapter Comments 264 Annex Reincarnation/Recycling, Our True Reality, Ideas and thoughts. Information and knowledge 271 Appendices 293 Appendix 1 Darwinism and Atheism 295 A1.1 Darwinism 295 A1.2 Atheism 309 Appendix 2 A List of Some Constants Affecting Earth 315 Appendix 3 The Double Slit Experiment 317 References 319 Index 333

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