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Whether you're trying your hand at painting for the first time or honing your artistic ability, Artist's Painting Techniques is the handiest guide to teach you how to paint. Starting with the basics such as observational skills and learning how to draw, Artist's Painting Techniques will guide you into working with watercolours, acrylics, and oil paints. Learn everything you need to know about tone, colour, pattern, brushwork, and composition to create your own masterpieces with confidence. Embark on exciting artistic exercises and projects to discover your style and grow as an artist. Follow the fully illustrated step-by-step guides and get inspiring advice from practising artists, working with watercolour, acrylic, and oil paints in a variety of art techniques. Kickstart your creativity and develop your own style with Artist's Painting Techniques.


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Louise Diggle is a London-based plein air painter, educated at the City and Guilds of London Art School and the Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology. She is a member of the Small paintings Group and a Council member of Chelsea Art Society, exhibits regularly, and has taught art at all levels for nearly 17 years.

1: The basics1: Beginner techniques2: Intermediate techniques3: Advanced techniques2: Watercolours3: Acrylics1: Beginner techniques2: Intermediate techniques3: Advanced techniques1: Beginner techniques2: Intermediate techniques3: Advanced techniques4: Oils5: Glossary6: Index7: About the artists1: Painting with oils2: Oil paints3: Brushes and palette knives4: Supports and other materials1: Ground colour2: Skin tones3: Colour harmony4: Tonal values5: Using mediums6: Oiling out7: Glazing8: Re-evaluating and correcting9: Finding your style10: Varnishing11: Showcase painting1: Aerial perspective2: Blending3: Impasto4: Sgraffito5: Scumbling6: Broken colour7: Wiping and scraping back8: Wet-in-wet9: Texture10: Tonking11: Showcase painting1: Colour mixing2: Mark-making3: Palette knives4: Fat over lean5: Layering6: Drawing and underpainting7: Decreasing stages8: Alla prima9: Creating forms10: Showcase painting1: Creating focal points2: Optical colour mixing3: Painting rain4: Painting fur5: Dramatic skies6: Painting people simply7: Skin tones8: Painting movement9: Showcase painting1: Adding texture2: Using ground colours3: Blending4: Glazing5: Warm colours6: Cool colours7: Painting with warm and cool colours8: Negative space9: Reflections10: Showcase painting1: Colour mixing2: Using a limited palette3: Drawing with a brush4: Tints, tones and shades5: Acrylic washes6: Neat acrylics7: Painting shapes8: White subjects9: Aerial perspective10: Showcase painting1: Painting with acrylics2: Acrylic paints3: Brushes and palette knives4: Supports and other materials1: Painting with watercolours2: Watercolour paints3: Brushes4: Supports and other materials1: Planning a painting2: Mood3: Laying a double graduated wash4: Laying a granulated wash5: Monochrome6: Glazing7: Building layers8: Adding details9: Reflections10: Opaque whites11: Skin tones12: Showcase painting1: Laying a flat wash2: Laying a graduated wash3: Lively darks4: Aerial perspective5: Edges6: Highlights7: Adding texture8: Paper surfaces9: Correcting errors10: Reserving whites11: Line and wash12: Experimental techniques13: Showcase painting1: Colour mixing2: Colour charts3: Tone exercises4: Warm and cool colours5: Brushstrokes6: Laying paint7: Using runs8: Modelling form9: Simplifying a scene10: Showcase painting1: Getting Started2: Observational skills3: Colour theory4: Perspective and composition5: Pencil-drawing basics6: Using a pencil to create tone7: Choosing a medium8: Choosing a subject9: Working outdoors10: Mounting and displaying work

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