Gold Trading Boot Camp

Author(s): G.T. Weldon

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New strategies for investing in gold, an ideal investment in today's volatile world climate unstable and uncertain global economies have occasionally made gold an exceptional investment alternative. Today, with the worldwide availability of cheap money increasing the likelihood of global recession, investors are on the threshold of experiencing just such a period. "Gold" explores how the investment environment for gold will play out over the next few years and discusses how investors of every size can take advantage of the opportunities that will present themselves. Exploring a myriad of new techniques to invest in gold, from coins and bars to i-shares, index options, and more, "Gold" provides a sound overview of today's transformed precious metals arena and will help investors carefully evaluate all relevant factors before deciding whether or not the time is right for them to invest in gold.


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GREGORY T. WELDON is CEO of Weldon Financial and Editor of the influential newsletters Weldon's Money Monitor, the Commodity and Currency Monitor, the precious metals-specific Metal Monitor, and the stock market-based ETF Playbook. He launched these macro-market publications, covering supply-demand fundamentals, along with technical, intermarket, and psychological insights, after building a successful career as a trader on Wall Street. Weldon has since established himself as a noted authority in the gold market as well as the global capital markets with his regular appearances on CNBC and through private speaking engagements. Information on Weldon's research products and money management services can be found at

Foreword.Acknowledgments.PART ONE. EVOLUTION OF A TRADER.Chapter 1. Trial by Fire.Chapter 2. Neophytes and Neanderthals.Chapter 3. The Show.Chapter 4. The Firm.Chapter 5. Character.PART TWO. EVOLUTION OF A MACROMONETARY ERA.Chapter 6. "Top-Down"-It Starts at the Top.Chapter 7. The Golden Bull.Chapter 8. Bretton Woods and the "System".Chapter 9. Seniorage.Chapter 10. The Goldbug Is Born.Chapter 11. The Emperor with No Clothes.PART THREE. CAPITAL MARKETS: LOOKING INSIDE THE MARKET.Chapter 12. Welcome to My Boot Camp.Chapter 13. Intermarket Analysis-The Tape Tells a Story.Chapter 14. Who's on First? Know the Players.PART FOUR. LOOKING INSIDE THE MARKET TECHNICALLY.Chapter 15. Reading the tea Leaves-Technical Analysis.Chapter 16. Charts.Chapter 17. Moving Averages.Chapter 18. Oscillators.Chapter 19. Rate-of-Change Indicators.Chapter 20. Fibonacci Retracements.Chapter 21. Historic Volatility and Volatility Bands.Chapter 22. Volume, On-Balanced Volume, and Money Flow.Chapter 23. The Commitments of Traders Report.PART FIVE. LOOKING INSIDE THE MARKET: TOP-DOWN MACRO.Chapter 24. Again, Everything Matters!Chapter 25. U.S. Monetary Fundamentals and the Federal Reserve System.Chapter 26. Energy Market Fundamentals.Chapter 27. Global Trade.Chapter 28. U.S. Fiscal Fundamentals.Chapter 29. Inflation and Labor market Fundamentals.Chapter 30. U.S. Housing and the Consumer.PART SIX. TREND IDENTIFICATION AND MEMENTUM TRADING.Chapter 31. Why...Trend Identification?Chapter 32. Trend Identification techniques-Momentum, Timing.Chapter 33. Countertrend Trading-Divergence, Saturation, and Exhaustion.Chapter 34. The TIMID" Matrix.PART SEVEN. DEFINING AND MANAGING RISK.Chapter 35. Defining Overall risk.Chapter 36. Diversity.Chapter 37. Position Leverage.Chapter 38. Trade Risk.Chapter 39. Correlated Risk.Chapter 40. Sector and Portfolio Risk.Chapter 41. Psychological risk.PART EIGHT. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER.Chapter 42. Using What You Know When making Decisions.Chapter 43. Global Supply-and-Demand Fundamentals: The Mining Industry, Gold Consumption, Gold Holdings, and Central Banks.Chapter 44. Chart Library.Appendix. Precious Metals: A Secular-Macro Overview.Index.

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